Do Great Danes Need a Lot of Food?

Great Danes are large, powerful dogs that require a lot of food to maintain their energy levels. On average, they need 8-10 cups (1.89-2.3L) of dog food per day during their accelerated growth phase. Male Great Danes usually eat more than their female counterparts, and the general recommendation is to feed them 8 to 10 cups of food each day. Once they reach adulthood, their daily food intake will decrease to 2-6 cups per day. It is important to note that puppies should not be forced into an exercise regime as this can be very harmful to developing bones.

Until they are two years old, excessive exercise should be avoided. Puppies should be fed between 2 and 3 meals a day, depending on their age. The Great Dane feed chart below provides specific recommended amounts. Some owners have opted for raw food as the main source of nutrition for their Great Danes due to concerns about the safety of processed dog food. If you're not sure what food to give your puppy, your Great Dane breeder should be able to recommend some. The most typical reasons why Great Danes may not eat their food include changes in activity level or hormones, illness, overeating, stomach tenderness, dental problems, anxiety, and vaccinations or medications. As with any dog, the amount of food your Great Dane will need depends on their age, activity level and the quality of the dog food you offer them.

Some Great Danes may need more than 15 cups of dry kibble per day, but this depends on whether they are males or females and their size. Great Danes raised with children are often very tolerant of them, as long as they are not allowed to make fun of them.