The Smart Choice for Feeding Great Danes

Ideally, a dog food should have at least five meat proteins for Great Danes. Meat meals and whole meats are excellent sources of protein, but be careful, because whole meat also contains moisture. Light and thin is the general rule up to 2 years of age. Don't try to be the biggest Dane in town, you'll just have trouble.

Your Great Dane will grow naturally and reach its full potential around 3 years of age. Adequate protein levels are a must when feeding the great Danes. This will help avoid potential health problems such as Pano and Wobblers syndrome. Most knowledgeable Danish owners will agree that feeding great Danes a premium dog food with protein levels no higher than 24% and fat levels between 12 and 14% is key to proper development. Here are some great ideas on how to choose dog food.

Dry and grain-free kibble recommended for large breeds now published on our Recommended Dog Food Brands page. They vary by opinion and personal preference, so here we prepared a list of popular premium dog foods, along with additional information about the ingredients. One thing is certain, going with a quality food will ensure proper nutrition and increase the quality of life of your Great Dane. Feeding Great Dane puppy food, even large breed formulas can have serious consequences. The protein and fat levels of most branded puppy foods are too high for a growing Dane.

However, there is one exception, use the link in the previous paragraph and refer to the section, the dog food industry is evolving. Certainly, we want our families to eat nutritiously, stay fit, live long and stay healthy. Our canine companions should have the same opportunity, the following topic will explain it further. What you read may surprise you, what you will find are many interesting aspects of dog nutrition and how feeding great Danes premium natural dog food will keep them happy and healthy over the years. Wander around the pet section of your local market or pet store, do you see all those bags of dog food? Look at the picture on the front of the bag, probably fresh meat or chicken, it looks tasty, doesn't it? OK. Read a little more, probably some kind of chicken or poultry fat (so that it tastes better), you get the picture.

Wow, do we feed a dog or a cow? Usually, the first 5 ingredients are a good indication of food quality, the first 3 ingredients are the main sources of protein. Are there meats listed in the first 3 important points? If not, your dog does not get protein from meat, sad but true. If your dog suffers from dry skin, allergies, shedding, dull coat, lack of energy, etc., you should consider a premium natural dog food. Your dog's nutrition plays a vital role in their health and longevity. Weigh the options; I hope this page has piqued your interest.

Whichever dog food you choose, remember: feeding great Danes a premium dog food is the smart choice. Recently, many health-minded dog owners have chosen a raw dog diet to feed their dogs. BARF (Bones And Raw Foods), or biologically appropriate raw foods, have increased in popularity to feed the great Danes. The premise is that any dog is the ancestor of the wolf. It is a known fact that wild carnivores who kill and eat each other pray; they don't cook or add anything to their meals; they just eat it with bones and everything.

Wolves have survived and flourished this way for centuries; certain health-minded dog owners have started feeding their pets the same way. Raw feeding is controversial for some and many veterinarians all object together. Some of the advantages of feeding great Danes a raw dog diet are that you can prepare meals at home with ease; less waste of pets; increase dental health (all delicious bones); and the assurance that your dog eats healthy just like your ancestors. However, not all dogs accept raw food while others may take a while to acquire the flavor. As always switch to a new diet slowly; this will cause minimal stress on your friend's digestive system and help you avoid any potential problems such as loose stools diarrhea vomiting etc. Occasionally your Great Dane may require medication and nutritional supplements for dogs during their lifetime even while eating a premium dog food.

Every dog is different some may need help with molting joint health digestion and more. Rest assured that feeding the great Danes a premium dog food or BARF is the best choice for your beloved companion. Our Absolute Favorite Dog Food Supply Great Dane Boxes FREE Shipping Awesome Source to Try Handmade Leather Raw Dog Food Collars. Male Great Danes usually eat more than their female counterparts and the general orientation is to feed them 8 to 10 cups of food each day. Once weaned from breast milk Great Dane puppies should be fed formula kibble for giant breed puppies adult formula kibble or a quality raw diet. Hungry puppies can really pack food so it's important to divide their meals into two or three servings per day. Be careful not to overfeed Danish puppies especially in a large portion. How much do they eat? At the height of the growing period an average Danish puppy can eat 8 to 10 cups of a premium dog food every day.

Some may eat more than that. Once they're ripe they'll eat a lot less. Most adult Danes eat between 2 and 6 cups of food a day whichever dog food you choose remember feeding great Danes a premium dog food is the smart choice. Like all giant breeds and any large breed that is going through a stage of rapid growth care must be taken when selecting the right diet when feeding the great Danes. We found that as a general rule adult great Danes eat about 6 to 10 cups of food a day while Great Dane puppies eat 3 to 8 cups.